Here is to another month,

Our love story begins without us actually meeting one another. At first we were separated by screens, but now we are distanced by the miles that are put between us. 

When we live our lives without living with one another, we see other couples on the street, in stores, and even in class. We are envious at the fact that they are privileged enough to be able to hold one another without a phone line in the middle. 

We listen to our friends telling us about how annoyed they are that the one they love wants to be with them at every moment. What we wouldn’t give to be in their place. To be able to even hear each other's voice would be enough to allow us to sleep soundly for one night. 

They make it look so easy in the films. That you can just jump on a plane and be beside the one you know that you were made for. But it’s not that simple, and it’s not that quick. 

If I would have known that you were the one I would be dreaming of throughout the day and during the night, I would have used my life savings saving what we had left, instead of investing in an education that would just leave me as jobless as it would hopeless. 

But with you, I wouldn’t need professors or pens, I would just need your presence. But it’s not that easy, and it’s not that cheap. 

And if I had it my way from the very start I would have stopped Pangea so that we were never separated by the oceans that have put a wedge between our bodies and love.

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