The boy who caught her heart,
Who was there from the start; 
He told her off, 
He had enough.

Like a blown out- fuse,
She's totally confused;
A broken lover's law,
Where was the flaw? 

Baru fikir pasal putus cinta, dah sakit. 
Kalau betul putus cinta, mau terjun bangunan ye dak? 


This one is a keeper, I thought to myself. 

You know the one that makes you think carefully about the words that would come out of your lips before you   actually utter it.

The one his feelings you certainly won't want to mess with, let alone hurt it.

The one that makes you strive hard and do whatever it takes to bring as much laughter and joy into his life.

I thought he was the one that flattery is created upon.

The one that you've been  dreaming for a long time; dreaming that he too had dreamed the same dream all this while. 

The one you barely know yet somehow you felt connected- like you had met him in your past life, and at same time hoping that he will stay here forever and at the same time hoping that he will stay forever and still be there for you in your next life and the chemistry which translates into moments you'd shared that would be cherished forever. 

Moments that would make all the time in this raging world stood still. 

Hectic week for me. Kejar bas, kejar masa nak ke kelas, 
kejar dateline assignment (ye first week pun assignment berlambak),
balik rumah terdampar.

Its tiring. 

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