07:05pm 08 sept, KLIA

I sat there for a moment and then a thought ensued, what could be more perfect than a single day with you. 

How so near perfect would it be to see you through the day, from break of dawn until the sunset across the sky did play. 

What could be as wonderful as having you so near, that your every breath and heartbeat I could plainly hear. 

To see the look of caring thats held warm within your eyes, a gentle calm that you so often realize. 

So much I would share with you if I had but one day, a day to filled with memories that in my heart would stay. 

So many wonderful thoughts from being close to you, 

that turns the ordinary into perfect, 
as only you can do. 

"kalau dah sayang, australia - jitra pun tak rasa jauh mana sebab dekat kat jiwa."


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